Scrum Master I

In this 2-day training course you gain hands-on experience of the most successful Agile approach and demonstrate your expertise through the globally recognized certificate from With the aid of general Scrum theory, practical examples and constantly updated example test questions, we prepare you thoroughly to take the Scrum Master I assessment certification.

  • Gain a solid foundation in the agile project management framework Scrum
  • Use our online test center to prepare for the assessment
  • Better understand and consolidate your theoretical knowledge through practical examples
  • Learn conveniently in a virtual environment
  • Let your trainers guide you to successful certification
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The details

Our Scrum Master Training teaches you the foundations of the agile project management framework Scrum. This highly goal-oriented online workshop character dives deeply into the role of the Scrum Master to deliver you optimal preparation for the official, globally recognized exam.

To enable you to practically apply what you learn, we back up theoretical knowledge with practical experience. All our trainers are certified agile coaches, scrum masters or product owners with outstanding agile project experience in various industries.

Our online training places special emphasis on deepening the knowledge you have learned with the help of various practical simulations.

What you will discover on your learning journey

Who is this training aimed at?

This 2-day training workshop is aimed at everyone who is interested in what agile really means and how it is successfully applied in projects.
The agile project management method Scrum is particular interesting for project managers and project team members, developers, architects, coaches, team leaders and managers who want to understand how Scrum is lived in theory and practice.


Nadjat Attoumane – Agile, Leadership Coach & Trainer

Photo of Nadjat Attoumane

I am an Agile & Leadership Coach and Trainer. For more than ten years, I have been coaching teams, organizations and companies on their Agile journey.
In 2008, I discovered Agile when I was working as a telecommunication system developer.
I quickly fell in love with the Agile mindset, the way of working and collaborating within teams, so that I became a Scrum Master and then trained to become an Agile coach. In past, I had the opportunity to work in various departments, such as IT, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Legal, and Human Resources.
My goal is to help my customers achieve their goals, not only with Agile but by combining Agile with Lean, Leadership, Growth Mindset… and by including all “home-made recipes: DIY” 🙂

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